Min. Larinda Fields is the CEO and Co-Founder of It Takes A Village, Inc. She holds a MSW degree from Howard University and a BA degree in Health Science and Policy from the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Presently, Larinda serves as an associate minister at Gospel Tabernacle Baptist Church where she is also the director of the Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministry. For over 10 years, Larinda worked in the human services field as a Psychotherapist. She became displeased with the mental health field’s cookie-cutter approach to healing children so she set out to implement a different approach that would result in the total holistic healing of children and their families without committing them to mental health facilities or overly medicating them to change their behaviors. From this vision, It Takes A Village, Inc. was established. Larinda’s passion and dedication to help children and families drives her to carry out her mission to make an impactful difference in the lives of those that are trying to make positive changes for themselves.

Rev. Sean Fields is an ordained minister and the EO and Co-Founder of It Takes A Village, Inc. He holds an AAS degree in Human Services from the Community College of Baltimore County, and a BS in Psychology from Liberty University. Sean was born and raised in Park Heights, where he experienced a lifetime of socially, emotionally, and physically traumatic events that both captivated and catapulted him towards almost certain death or prison. After a near death experience, he reinvented himself in a more positive and productive way. Sean's great passion and concern for children grew out of his former life experiences and later the work he performed as a death investigator at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. These experiences motivated Sean to start working with at-risk youth remanded to the Charles Hickey School for boys. Later on he would serve on the Mayors school gang prevention counsel, Melvin ( Little Melvin) Williams "RESPECT" community action group to stop gang and gun violence. He served for eight years, as director of the Men of Character, mentoring, men and young boys. He chaired several committees for faith based initiatives for youth in the Park Heights community. Sean is never hesitant about using his life experiences as a testimony to help encourage anyone that he comes in contact with, he is truly dedicated to helping others become better people.
Committed to helping children  discover that their dreams can become a reality!
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