Youth S.T.R.I.V.E Scholarship Program
We serve as the community resources manager for the Grove Park Elementary/Middle School. We have programs and workshops that are held at the school that are designed to enrich the lives of this community.

After School Program- in this program, our students are exposed to various activities that build on their social and academic skills. We offer: trips to area attractions, cooking classes, computer-learning, gaming, crafts, & educational assistance to name a few. This program is only for students of the Grove Park Elementary/Middle school.

Parenting Workshops- we have classes that teach parents different ways to help their child succeed, how to navigate the education system and how to be intentional with their actions. This service is open to the Grove Park community.

Food Pantry- we offer food assistance to those that demonstrate a need. We have pickups from Grove Park Elementary/Middle school on an emergency need basis only. This service is open to the Grove Park community.

If you live in the Grove Park community, contact us at or call 443-579-ITAV (4828) to see how you can participate in these programs.

             It Takes A Village, Inc.
                            A Holistic Approach To Strengthening Children, Families & Communities
At It Takes A Village,Inc, we take great care and pride in providing our children quality services that's personalized for their unique needs. Our staff and volunteers have a true love for serving the needs of people they encounter. They are professional, courteous and efficient but most of all they are committed to serving.
Boys In Bow Ties
It Takes A Village at Grove Park
Boys in Bow Ties (Building One's Worth Through Investment Empowerment and Sacrifice) is a unique group of at-risk six, seventh, and eighth grade boys whose desire is to be successful in life. Our focus is on preparing them to enter high school already focused on their future endeavors of going to college or trade school and securing a career in a desired field of work. Through weekly meetings, lectures, field trips, and exposure to positive African American male role models, we aim to open their eyes to all the possibilities that await them through positive social activity and successful completion of higher education.  Email us at or call 443-579-ITAV (4828) for more information.

The Youth S.T.R.I.V.E. Program provides youth with the essential life and career planning skills needed to choose an appropriate career and institution of higher education, apply for scholarships, write winning essays, and become responsible contributors to their community. Through workshops, facilitated discussions, and community service projects, the participants will develop an understanding of self, their potential and the concept of selflessness. Leaders in the community will cover subjects in the areas of Personal Development, Professional Development, Community Service and Civic Engagement. At the end of the program, participants will be awarded scholarship funds to be used at the college or vocational school of their choice. Youth S.T.R.I.V.E. uses a practical yet exciting approach to encourage students to plan for the future. We are preparing the next generation of leaders to STRIVE!  

Contact us at or click here to enroll.
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