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It Takes A Village, Inc. is a Faith based non-profit organization in Baltimore, MD. Since our formation in 2009, we’ve treated every child and parent like they are a part of our own family by being dedicated to strengthening individuals as well as families through a holistic approach. We've established a scholarship program for young adults and a young boys mentoring program. Additionally, we have partnered with Grove Park Elementary/Middle School which is located in a moderate to low-income area where some 250 of the 344 students receive free lunch. We are the community resource manager for the school as our goal is to get the community more involved with Grove Park by sponsoring events and providing services not only for the school, but for the students and families. We take a hands-on approach by providing parenting and developmental workshops for adults, as well as social and learning activities and trips for the students that are a part of our after-school program.

We offer mentoring opportunities, a supper program for students, support groups for families and individuals, mental health assistance, referrals for housing assistance, direction for rehabilitation of homes, as well as other resources for families to help meet their basic living needs. By meeting parents where they are in life, we in turn, improve students’ performance by enabling a more stable and solid foundation so they can be nurtured into greatness without adult-sized distractions. If you are interested in volunteering your time or services at Grove Park Elementary/Middle School, click here.

Our assistance extends outside of the Grove Park community. If you are in need of assistance, email us at

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            It Takes A Village, Inc.
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